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Antonio Busatti - Busatti Milano


Busatti Milano was born in the late 1940s, when Antonio Busatti’s entrepreneurial spirit encountered the artistic vision of his wife Maria – a sophisticated aesthete and art and antiques collector – and they began importing pearls and rare artefacts from Japan.


In 1958, one of the icons of the Busatti Milano creative universe was born: Gemini.

Maria Busatti had a stroke of creative inspiration that gave rise to a sautoir that was remarkably elegant in its simplicity. Marrying the linearity of a long necklace with the clean aesthetic of diamonds and pearls, Gemini references classically Milanese traditions and motifs.

La Maison - Busatti-Milano
La Maison - Busatti-Milano


Milan in the 1960s was an intriguing, happening city, the birthplace of a new, avant-garde aesthetic that reinterpreted fashion in a pared-back style, for a more understated, subtle kind of beauty.

In this context, Coco Chanel’s beloved pearls came to embody a new message of female empowerment. With their timeless, classical allure, necklaces of different lengths, worn with rings and earrings, became the iconic symbol of the Maison.


In 1970, the second Busatti generation continued the business started by the two founders: this was a time of travel and exploration, a time of tireless research which enriched the Maison with new themes, elements, inspiration and creative inputs.

From India to Japan, from Thailand to Africa, alongside pearls they began selecting and sourcing diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, and rubies from all over the world.

La Maison - Busatti-Milano
La Maison - Busatti-Milano


In the 1980s, building on the research conducted in the previous decade, Busatti Milano became synonymous with excellence and expertise when it came to sourcing and selling the most sought-after precious coloured stones.

Sapphires, emeralds and rubies were selected from the world over, making the most celebrated Italian and European jewellers’ creations truly unique.


Maria Busatti’s passion for nature influenced the Maison’s research in the 1990s, focusing on its underlying values to reveal its most creative, elegant, timeless side.

The Maison reinterprets the most beautiful elements that human inventiveness draws from Nature, representing them in the form of one-off pieces that showcase the savoir-faire of its master goldsmiths.

La Maison - Busatti-Milano
La Maison - Busatti-Milano


As the third generation joined the brand, a new chapter in the Family’s history was written at the start of the new millennium, when Busatti Milano began making one-off pieces of High Jewelry for a discerning, sophisticated clientele, from design right through to manufacture. Remaining faithful to the Maison’s heritage, creativity now reached a peak, blending tradition with innovation.


The second decade of the new millennium was marked by cutting-edge research and the use of innovative materials. Elements such as iron, palladium, aluminium and, above all, titanium inspired new Collections, brought alive by the contrast between bold proportions and incredible lightness.

La Maison - Busatti-Milano
La Maison - Busatti-Milano


Today, led by Andrea, Barbara, Luca and Simone Busatti, the Maison is celebrating a return to its creative and aesthetic roots. Classic High Jewellery is interpreted with a nod to tradition, rediscovering the family archive to create unique, sublime pieces of jewellery. The Maison’s passion for the goldsmith’s art merges with the magnificence of the most precious gemstones in superbly original cuts, an example of the most authentically Italian High Jewellery.

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Caring for your jewellery

Your Busatti Milano jewel is a precious hand-crafted artefact that deserves special care.

Proper maintenance, along with some small but important tips to remember when you’re wearing it, can protect your jewellery from damage, preserving its original beauty over time.

General everyday care:
Use a jewellery box with compartments to prevent your pieces from scratching each other. In addition, keep each piece separately in its own soft, lined pouch or case, to protect from knocks or rubbing.
Keep exposure to direct sunlight, extreme temperatures and damp to a minimum.
Avoid contact with household chemicals such as fragrances, varnish, hairspray or cleaning products.
Handle with care. Avoid wearing while asleep or during sports and exercise.

Wearing your jewellery:
Busatti Milano jewels are created for special occasions and are not intended for everyday wear: we recommend saving them for events when they can be suitably shown off and admired.

After Sales Service:
Do not hesitate to bring your jewellery in to us regularly to ensure it is properly cleaned, check for loose prongs, or any other issues that may require repair. We will also inspect clasps and settings to reduce the risk of losing gemstones.

General cleaning:
Use a soft, clean cloth for delicate cleaning after every wear.
Every so often, clean your jewellery with a special solution applied with a brush; then rinse in clean water and dry with a soft cloth.

Precious stones:
Do not use abrasive materials or harsh chemical substances that could damage the stones.
To clean, immerse the jewel in warm water with a few drops of detergent and soak for 15 minutes. Then brush gently using a soft toothbrush.
Protect your jewellery from harsh knocks, which can cause the stone to chip or crack.
In some cases, certain stones may require polishing or re-cutting/engraving/etching if they are scratched or dulled due to wear and tear.

If your jewellery includes pearls, avoid exposing them to extreme temperatures as this may dull their natural lustre. Once a year, have the string inspected, and avoid spraying perfume on your pearl jewellery. To clean pearls, simply soak them in a solution of 10% neutral detergent (or lanolin) for 5-10 minutes, then dry with a soft cloth. Keep in a separate pouch if possible.

Gold, platinum and titanium are metals subject to oxidation over time. They require cleaning and polishing from time to time. We recommend contacting our customer service directly for regular check-ups and maintenance.

Keep all paperwork to do with your jewellery, such as certificates of authenticity and valuations, in a safe place.

Consider having your valuable jewellery insured to protect your investment in case of loss, theft or damage.

Conversion chart

To view all the information, scroll down and also to the right.

Inside Circumference (mm) Busatti Milano Size Europe Size US Size UK Size Japan Size
49 9 49 9
50 10 50 K 10
51 11 51 L 11
52 12 52 6 12
53 13 53 13
54 14 54 14
55 15 55 O 15
56 16 56 P 16
57 17 57 8 17
58 18 58 18
59 19 59 R 19
60 20 60 9 S 20
61 21 61 21
62 22 62 10 22
63 23 63 10 ¼ 23
64 24 64 10¾ V 24
65 25 65 11 W 25
66 26 66 11 ½ 26
Inside Diameter (mm) Busatti Milano Size Europe Size US Size UK Size Japan Size
15,6 9 49 9
16 10 50 K 10
16,2 11 51 L 11
16,5 12 52 6 12
16,8 13 53 13
17,2 14 54 14
17,4 15 55 O 15
17,8 16 56 P 16
18,1 17 57 8 17
18,5 18 58 18
18,8 19 59 R 19
19,2 20 60 9 S 20
19,5 21 61 21
19,8 22 62 10 22
20 23 63 10 ¼ 23
20,4 24 64 10 ¾ V 24
20,6 25 65 11 W 25
21 26 66 11½ 26

About Busatti Milano

Busatti Milano incarnates the story of a family who have found their ultimate calling in a passion for the art of jewellery.

From its very beginnings in late 1940s Milan, the Maison’s creative message has embraced the diversity of far-off cultures. It draws upon the beauty, evocations and aesthetic forms of the visual arts, reinterpreting these inspirations with the subtle, refined elegance of Milan: the city’s motifs, decorative elements and history.

Each of its creations is the result of a process in which research is vital.
From selecting the rarest, most exclusive stones through to conceiving original, evocative designs, translated into jewels thanks to the artistry and craftsmanship of Italian master goldsmiths.

This world is further enriched by the Maison’s Bespoke services: Busatti The One lets you create your own piece of jewellery, curating every step from design to rendering, through to the final manufacture; meanwhile, the Revamp & Remodel service lets you give your heirloom jewellery a contemporary update, to pass down the generations.

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