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B. Milano

B Milano is an invitation to explore the city’s architecture.
The dominant theme is the Losange, reimagined with a sophisticated, modern twist that reflects the Maison’s values. Quintessentially Milanese motifs are echoed in the rings and bracelets in white and rose gold, adorned with sparkling diamonds or by enamels in an original, exclusive palette.
A perpetual game of interlocking pieces ensues, in which all the elements can be mixed up and coordinated to create personalized compositions with a playful, contemporary feel.
The result is unique, and reflects the woman who wears it.

Audacious. Witty. Modern.


Inspired by the decor found in the entrance halls of historic Milanese buildings, the Mosaico Collection celebrates the interplay of contrasting elements.
The sharp symmetry of rhombi and hexagons is accentuated by bold colours juxtaposed with white or rose gold for necklaces, earrings and rings, sparkling with a sudden glint of diamonds.
Form and colour interact, for creations with an offbeat design that reflects a bold, sophisticated femininity.

More than a jewel, an icon that honours the creative sensibilities of the person wearing it.


Meticulous detailing, and innovation teamed with heritage for jewellery with pret-à-porter allure.
Diamonds light up the white and rose gold of necklaces, bracelets and earrings, imbuing them with a versatile, intriguing and refined character.
Lightness reigns supreme: all the elements in the collection are designed to be coordinated with a dash of audacious creativity, to create an ethereal, dreamlike allure.

Classic jewellery, reinterpreted by Busatti Milano.


Costellazione expresses an understated, cultured personality who refuses the superfluous to reveal her unique self. This message is encapsulated in necklaces, bracelets and earrings with a distinctive linear aesthetic.
By rejecting excess, they highlight the precious quality of their materials.

The diamond is at centre stage, rendered unique by the Collection’s exclusive rose-cut shape. These imaginary floating stars twinkle, weightless and free from all constraints.


Eterea is an outright declaration of love, enclosed in a jewel.
The eternal symbol of the loving bond has been redesigned with a modern, contemporary style. A stream of diamonds flows over it on all sides, highlighting the master jeweller’s quest to achieve the perfect interlocking pattern.

The language of elegance, to express a message of uniqueness.


Losanga is a new take on an icon. For Milan, this is more than a recurrent motif.
For the Collection, it’s an inspiration that conjures the thrill of an imaginary trip back to the golden age of the 1920s and 1930s. The absolute exclusivity of this Lozenge shape, the Maison’s signature cut, shines through in these diamonds mounted upon gold rings and bracelets.

A bold yet cultured blend of past and present that convey Busatti Milano’s strong tradition as goldsmiths.