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High jewelry

A symphony of geometric shapes, tales of voyage, a praise for creativity. The High-Jewelery of Busatti Milano celebrates the Maison’s heritage as master jewellers through unique creations richly detailed and destined to last forever.


A symphony of geometric shapes. Rhombi, ovals and hexagons, all “lifted” from the avant-garde decorative elements found in Milan, and placed upon earrings, rings and chain necklaces crafted from gold, diamonds and precious stones. A sublime reinterpretation of classic jewelry, blending tradition and innovation with a light, contemporary touch.


An invitation to explore distant, diverse cultures. The rich evocativeness of landscapes and motifs, the history of the Moghul dynasty, the treasures at the courts of the Maharajahs: the symbols and spirit of India inspire these jewels of incredible, rare complexity crafted from the most precious materials on earth. Gold is adorned with diamonds, sapphires and rubies. Each necklace, ring or pendant is a one-off piece of striking proportions, infused with the Maison’s heritage as master jewelers. Masterpieces for the most discerning collector, richly detailed, destined to last forever. Each with its own tale of voyage to tell.


The romance of travel. The romance of travel. Magnificent creations with an exquisite and distinctive appearance, crafted from gold and richly beautiful diamonds and precious stones… these are secret chests containing tiny jewelled treasures. As one-of-a-kind pieces designed for the most passionate collectors, each reveals a different object inside, held in place by high-precision mechanisms that convey the value of meticulous attention to every last detail. Moroccan lanterns, Middle Eastern perfume vials or Chinese fans are just some examples of the playful, sophisticated and cultivated message behind this collection, which celebrates the theme of voyage. Each of these objects tells a story, sparking curiosity in all those who admire them.


A celebration of creativity. Creative inventiveness is celebrated as the ultimate value in this collection that is emblematic of the high jewellery heritage of Busatti Milano. Pioneering research into materials including gold, titanium, zircon and exclusive alloys, is complemented by diamonds and precious stones in a variety of cuts. Rings, earrings and bracelets create unexpected shapes with unusual designs, translating the infinite forms of Nature into sculptures. Snakes, feathers, braids and knots are fashioned with the subtle style that has become the hallmark of the House. This is the ultimate expression of Busatti Milano’s creative flair, for miniature sculptures to be worn with elegance.


From Nature theme, where exquisite foliage flowers and fruits come to life, to Architecture theme where shapes of yesterday and today are born again through an emotional voyage bearing witness to the extraordinary world we live in. Through its creations the House faithfully represents the most beautiful things the human eye can see.