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"COOKIE" Policy

This policy explains what cookies are and illustrates the various types of cookies installed on the website (“Site”), their purpose and methods of use, as well as the ways in which you can give your consent and/or change, at any time and easily, the options relating to the use of cookies by the Site.

The Data Controller is, pursuant to art. 4 GDPR, Busatti Milano S.r.l., with registered office at Via Turati n. 41, 20083 – Binasco (MI), VAT n. 08452660965, PEC, e-mail (hereinafter “Busatti” o “Controller”).



Cookies are strings of text that websites (so-called Publisher or “first-party”) visited by the user or different websites or web servers (so-called “third-party”) place and store – directly, in the case of publishers, and indirectly, in the case of “third parties” – in a device of the user.

The above devices are, for example, a smartphone, computer, tablet, or any other devices capable of storing information.  

Cookies are intended to improve navigation as well as to store on the Site information about Your online browsing.

Software for surfing the Internet and the operation of these devices, such as browsers, can store cookies and then transmit them back to the sites that generated them on a subsequent visit by the same user, thus keeping memory of your previous interaction with the Site.

The information encoded in cookies may include personal data, such as IP address, username, unique identifier, or email address, but may also contain non-personal data, such as language settings or information about the type of device a person is using to browse the site.

Thanks to cookies, the Site remembers the user’s actions and preferences (such as, e.g., login data, selected language, etc.). In this way, this information does not have to be stated again on subsequent access to the Site.

Cookies can perform important and different functions, including monitoring sessions, storing information about specific configurations of users accessing the server, facilitating the use of online content, etc. For example, they can be used to track the items in an online shopping cart, or the information used to fill out a computer form.

Some operations cannot be carried out without the use of cookies, which in some cases are technically necessary for the operation of the Site.



Persistent Cookies are cookies (SDK for mobile devices) that are permanently stored on user’s device.

Cookie-session are cookies that are deleted when the browser is closed or that have a duration limited to a single session. 

Fist-party Cookies are the cookies installed by Busatti. 

Third-party Cookies are the cookies installed by third parties, other than Busatti.



  • First-party Cookie

First-party cookies are those installed by Busatti. 

Their purposes are:

  1. A) Technical: they are used for purposes directly related to the provision of the service and to allow or improve navigation on the Site or store searches made by the user. These cookies are essential and necessary to ensure the proper functioning of our platform.
  2. B) Analytical: to collect statistical information on the use of the service by users (for example: number of visitors, pages visited, etc.). We use these cookies to analyse traffic on our pages anonymously way, however without storing personal data.
  • Third-party Cookie

Third-party cookies are those installed by third parties, other than Busatti. 

Their purposes are:

  1. A) Analytical: to collect statistical information on the use of the service by users (for example: number of visitors, pages visited, etc.). These cookies are used to analyse the traffic on our pages in an anonymous way, without storing personal data.

Third parties using cookies for these purposes: Google Analytics 

  1. B) Performance: through these cookies it is possible to improve and implement the service, improving your browsing experience and therefore the use of the same service.

Third parties using cookies for these purposes: Hotjar 

  1. C) Profiling: 

personalized advertising: through these cookies we show You ads based on Your preferences, habits, or consumption preferences.

– marketing: through third party partners, analyse Your online actions in order to provide You, content and commercial offers in line with your interests also based on your previous navigation. This information is managed separately from the identification data held by Busatti.

Third parties using cookies for these purposes: Amazon 

  1. D) Social: cookies designed for so-called «social networks» may be activated. They allow the user to interact via social networks (for example, through the “share” function of Facebook). When a page contains this command, a direct connection is established with the selected social network.

Use of the aforementioned technologies is subject to the privacy policies of these companies, and not to Busatti’s privacy policy.



The Site uses analytical and/or marketing/profiling cookies, therefore on the home page there is a banner for the management of such cookies. This tool should be used to customize the User’s cookie preferences. The tool will record when you have consented to our cookie policy.

(All) Technical cookies do not require consent and are therefore automatically installed following access to the site or service.

We invite the user to click on the following link to directly access the cookies management banner [-].



Cookies can be completely deactivated by the browser using the appropriate function provided in most browsing programs.

By deactivating cookies some of the features of the Site may not be usable and the Site may not function properly.

We indicate below the links to the information of the most used browsers in order to have more information on the deactivation of cookies, so as to facilitate you even more.

Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari,

To deactivate individually the performance cookie and the profiling cookies of third parties click on the links to the information of third parties expressly indicated above .

With respect to finalized profiling cookies, please note that if you opt-out, you may continue to receive generic advertising.

However, you can disable the use of cookies by adjusting the advanced settings of your browser. 



We would like to remind you that our platform supports the browsers and/or applications identified below in order to provide the service correctly.  For best results we recommend that you download the most recent version of your browser and/or app. 

We remind you that Busatti cannot guarantee the proper functioning of the service and the effectiveness of the information contained in this statement for previous versions of browsers and / or app not supported.

1.2. Desktop site browser 

Chrome version 49.0 or following

Firefox version 52.0 or following

Internet Explorer version 11 or following


Safari version 8 or following

1.3. Mobile site browser 

iOS 7.1 or following (iPhone 4 or following): Safari

Android 4.1 or following: Chrome 28.0 or following, Samsung Browser 3.3 or following, Android browser.

Windows Phone 8.1 or following: IEMobile

1.4. Browser for tablet devices

Ipad: Safari

Android: Android Browser

You currently have consent to the following cookie 

For more information we recommend consulting the guide available at the link: or contact the administrator of the Site through the following email address [].

The content of the site has been created with care. However, no guarantee is offered by Busatti regarding the accuracy, validity, completeness, or availability of the information provided. 

The Website contains links to external third-party websites (e.g., website of the Bank providing the payment service for the Products). The operators of such third-party websites are solely responsible for their content.



In your capacity as a data subject, you are guaranteed all the rights specified in Art. 15 and ss. of the GDPR, including the right to access, rectify and erase data, the right to restrict processing, the right to withdraw consent to processing (without prejudice to the lawfulness of processing based on consent acquired before the withdrawal), the right to obtain in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format your personal data provided to us subject to our automated processing as well as the right to lodge a complaint with the Guarantor for the Protection of Personal Data if you believe that the processing that concerns you violates the Regulation. These rights may be exercised by written communication to be sent by e-mail, certified e-mail. or fax, or by registered letter to the headquarters of Busatti and to be sent to the e-mail address [].


We remind you that you have the right to object at any time, for your own reasons, to the processing of your personal data for marketing purposes or which is based on the legitimate interest of the owner.

For any other information regarding the privacy of the Site, please click on the following link.



Last update date:


Cura del Gioiello

Il vostro gioiello Busatti Milano è un oggetto artigianale prezioso, fatto a mano e meritevole di cura.

Una corretta manutenzione, unita ad alcuni piccoli ma importanti accorgimenti da osservare durante l’indosso, possono tenerlo al riparo dai danni legati alle sfide del tempo, preservandone intatta la condizione originaria.

Accorgimenti quotidiani generali:

Utilizzate una scatola per gioielli dotata di scomparti, per evitare che i pezzi si graffino tra loro. Inoltre, conservate ciascun elemento isolato in sacchetti o custodie morbide e foderate, per evitare possibile ogni frizione.

Riducete le occasioni di esposizione alla luce solare diretta, a temperature estreme, all’umidità. 

Evitate il contatto con sostanze chimiche d’uso quotidiano quali profumi, lacche, detergenti.

Maneggiate con cura, evitando l’uso sia durante il sonno che durante le attività sportive.


I gioielli Busatti Milano sono creati per occasioni speciali e non dovrebbero essere indossati tutti i giorni: riservateli a eventi in cui possano essere adeguatamente esposti e ammirati. 

Servizi post vendita:

Non esitate a presentarci regolarmente i vostri gioielli per verificarne la pulizia, la presenza di pietre allentate o altri problemi che potrebbero richiedere riparazioni, insieme a un controllo dell’integrità delle chiusure, per scongiurare il rischio di smarrimento delle pietre incastonate.

Pulizia generale:

Utilizzate un panno morbido e privo di impurità, per una pulizia delicata, dopo ogni utilizzo.

Periodicamente, pulite i gioielli con una soluzione apposita, stesa sulle superfici con pennello; procedete a risciacquo con acqua pulita e ad asciugatura con panno morbido.

Pietre preziose:

Non utilizzare materiali abrasivi o sostanze chimiche aggressive, che potrebbero danneggiare le pietre.

Per la pulizia, immergete il prodotto in acqua tiepida con alcune gocce di detergente per 15 minuti, per poi strofinare delicatamente con uno spazzolino morbido.

Proteggete da colpi acuti, causa di scheggiature o crepe.

In taluni casi, alcune pietre potrebbero richiedere una nuova lucidatura o una nuova incisione se graffiate oppure opacizzate dal passare del tempo.


Se i vostri gioielli includono perle, evitate di esporle a temperature estreme, poiché ciò potrebbe intaccare la loro naturale lucentezza. Procedete una volta all’anno al controllo dell’infilatura, ed evitate di vaporizzare profumi. Per la pulizia, è sufficiente immergere le perle in una soluzione d’acqua con 10% di sapone neutro (o lanolina) per un tempo di 5-10 minuti, per poi procedere ad asciugatura con un panno morbido. Se possibile, conservatele in un astuccio separato.


Oro, platino, titanio, sono metalli soggetti all’ossidazione nel tempo, che richiedono un procedimento periodico di pulizia e lucidatura. Consigliamo di rivolgersi direttamente al nostro servizio clienti per la manutenzione periodica.


Conservate tutta la documentazione relativa ai vostri gioielli, quali certificati di autenticità e valutazioni, in un luogo di sicuro accesso. 


Considerate la possibilità di assicurare i vostri gioielli di alto valore, per proteggere il vostro investimento in caso di perdita, furto o eventuali danni.

Guida alle misure

Per visualizzare tutte le informazioni, scorri con il dito verso il basso e anche verso destra.

Circonferenza DITO (mm)Taglia Busatti MilanoTaglia EuropaTaglia USTaglia Regno UnitoTaglia Giappone
63236310 ¼23
66266611 ½26
Diametro ANELLO (mm)Taglia Busatti MilanoTaglia EuropaTaglia USTaglia Regno UnitoTaglia Giappone
20236310 ¼23
20,4246410 ¾V24

About Busatti Milano

Busatti Milano incarna una storia di Famiglia, che nella passione orafa trova un valore irrinunciabile.

Sin dagli esordi nella Milano di fine anni ’40, il messaggio creativo della Maison abbraccia la diversità di culture lontane, accoglie la bellezza, le suggestioni e le forme estetiche dell’Arte, per rileggere poi ogni ispirazione con l’eleganza discreta e raffinata di Milano: dei suoi temi, dei suoi décor e della sua Storia.

Ogni creazione è frutto di un processo che non transige sulla ricerca.
Dalla selezione delle pietre più rare ed esclusive fino all’ideazione di forme inedite ed evocative, tradotte in gioiello dall’arte e dalla maestria degli orafi italiani.

Un universo ulteriormente arricchito dai servizi Bespoke: Busatti The One consente di creare il proprio gioiello, curandone tutte le fasi, dal disegno alla progettazione fino alla realizzazione finale; il servizio Revamp & Remodel permette invece di aggiornare e rendere contemporaneo il proprio gioiello ereditato da tramandare alle generazioni.

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