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Busatti Milano Private Room is a private lounge located in Milan in via della Spiga 1 and offers a personalized service for the creation of unique jewels.

Busatti Milano THE ONE

Making a piece of tailor-made high jewelry. For Busatti Milano is like creating a work of art. From consulting with the Creative Director of the Maison, to the development of a unique and personalized project. A creative path that leads to the creation of your own jewel taking care of all the smallest details including the research and selection of precious stones.

Busatti Milano REVAMP & REMODEL

A jewel is a family story full of meaning that is handed down over time, acquiring an inestimable affective and emotional value. Through the Revamp and Remodel service, the Maison offers the possibility of updating the design of an inherited jewel, giving the family stones a stylistic update to also leave your mark over time.